Ross McIntire is a yoga teacher based in the SF Bay Area

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With a background in music, skateboarding and running, I understand that not everyone is an athlete in the traditional sense. I primarily skateboarded until finding a passion for running while in college. After becoming concerned about the long-term effects that running posed, I tried Bikram Yoga. Although I was immediately hooked, I soon became bored with the predictability of the classes. Then I discovered Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga.

These styles of yoga allow for endless progress. You can practice this yoga for the rest of your life and probably live longer because of it. Yoga allows for a full body workout and room to explore challenging inversions and arm balances. The mental clarity it provides keeps you coming back for more.

Music is a big part of my class. I spend a lot of time looking for new music and creating playlists. It is my nature as a jazz drummer to integrate rhythm and improvisation into my classes. I emphasize the importance of safety and alignment, as well as the connection of presence, breath, and movement. Expect a serious and exhilarating workout.

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class schedule

Equinox Market Street

Tuesday - 4:30 pm 60 min

Equinox Pine Street

Thursday - 6:00 pm 75 min

Friday - 12:00 pm 60 min

Saturday - 9:30 am 75 min


 I can help with your handstand

I love handstands.

I wanted to learn how to do a handstand more than anything in the world. There were so many questions and conflicting advice. It took time and incredible effort to get to where I am today.

I want to share my knowledge and help you reach your goals with one-on-one handstand instruction

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Office yoga

Why leave the office for yoga?

For many of us, there is barely any time in the day to fit in a workout. Travel time to the gym or yoga studio can make it impossible to squeeze in a quick class..

I teach yoga in offices and businesses throughout the Bay Area. Classes are tailored to your schedule and difficulty level.

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Five star public reviews from classpass


Ross was probably one of the best yoga instructors I’ve ever had (seriously it was a great class).


One of the best yoga classes I’ve taken in a while. Great instructor, some poses I’ve never tried before with options to deepen them.


Great workout and loved stretching out my sore muscles! Ross gave good instruction and felt really relaxed after the class. Will be back!


Ross is awesome! Awkward jokes (in the best possible way) and friendly and easygoing.


Got a real good stretch and sweat out of the class. I’m sure I looked lost about 30% of the time, but Ross was very friendly and came around to correct poses.


Great workout! Quick flows with just-long-enough holds. I didn’t really believe when I read that it would be hot in there… but it was!


This class has great music, and flows very well- great workout.

Challenging and really good!!!!


Challenging class, I worked up a sweat! Ross was a good teacher.


Ross is the best!